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5 Minute Business Tune Up

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5 Minute Business tune Up by Frank Miles ABC Online Books 96pgs ISBN : 978-0-9807977-6-3

A great tool to help business owners achieve greater success financially and a more rewarding and happy life. Owning and running any business can be complex but the book breaks it down into 49 different areas. You can work on one area or many; you choose the speed and pace for improvement and success.

The book is set out so you can choose an area of your business and concentrate on improving that area to bring greater satisfaction and success for.


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Topics include:

Business Plan, Leadership Management Skills, Strategic Plan,S.W.O.T Analysis, Staffing, Job Description & Staff Interviewing Tips, Staff Training, K.P.I. = Key Performance Indicators, Industrial Relations, Award Wages, Workplace Health & Safety, Safety & First Aid Officer,

Financial, Income, Accounting, Budget, Overdraft, Cash Flow, Debt Collection, Holding Stock, Debt Exposure, Cash Reserves, Security & Theft,

Marketing, Communications, Promotions, Internet Advertising, Mail Outs, Newspaper, Radio, TV, Telephone Directory, other publications, Meetings Weekly, Monthly, Computers, Security, Communication methods,

Business Structure, Policies & Procedures Manual,Security Systems, Employee Forms & Feedback, Customer Feedback Forms, Performance Standards, Organisational Chart, WH&S; Manual, Business Flow & Housekeeping, Goods Inwards, Warehousing, Goods Outward & Distribution,Service Department, Spare Parts, Record Keeping & Correspondence,

Housekeeping, Appearance, First Impression,Environment, External Building, Internal Building, Printed Material, Staff, Website, Better Business Management. & Delegating Select the best people, Be a motivator,

Build Your Team, Be a Leader, Not Only a Manager, Improve as a Communicator, Get Better At Managing Money, Get Better at Managing Time, Improve Yourself, Practice Ethical Management, Take a Break, What Really Motivates Workers.