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How to know God

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How to Know God by Frank Miles ABC Online Books 96pgs ISBN : 978-0-9807977-4-9

This book is all about finding God for those who do not know him personally and those who do helping to strengthen and grow their intimate relationship with the true and living God Jesus Christ.� Some important subjects covered are the seven keys of the armour of God, and the twelve keys to living a victorious Christian life, which are set out so it is easy to understand, making� it a part of your everyday life

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Topics covered include:

Knowing the living God, Personal Relationship with God, Growing in God, Bearing fruit, Gods Reward, Seven Victory Keys, Change your mindsets & addictive habits, Live with Expectancy, Warfare Weapons Seven Keys to the Armour of God, Fishing for Souls �Operation Peter,� Twelve Keys to be a Victorious Disciple of Christ, Prayer, Fellowship, Water Baptism, Baptism in Holy Spirit, Communion, Giving, Faith, Evangelism,� Love, Forgiveness, Repentance and Confession, Harvest Appointed, Fishing with God for Souls, Ten Witnessing Keys, Dreams, Goals and your Destiny.