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Life’s reflections & Questions
by Frank Miles ABC Online Books 102pgs ISBN 978-0-9870750-5-5 (Print) – ISBN 978-0-9872506-1-2 (eBook)
Edition Ver 1.1 Revised 6th June 2016


Life’s reflections & questions is a pocket book written in a format that is easy to understand about some of the many unknown things in life. We all have many questions about life, in this book we endeavour to answer some of these questions. Life is sometimes not fair or right.

You may be reading this book and you are at a low place in your life, you may be in a nursing home, in hospital, facing bankruptcy. You may have got a medical report that is not good. There are many things in life that can be hard to bear. You may have just broken up with your spouse/ partner, girlfriend or boyfriend, you may have lost someone very close to you, and you might be saying
why is this happening to me I just want to be loved.


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Topics covered include:

Overcoming Obstacles, Relationships, Loving and being Loved More, The Purpose of life, What to do now!.