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Real Estate for Beginners

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Real Estate for Beginners by Frank Miles ABC Online Books 96pgs ISBN : 978-0-9870750-0-0

This book is broken up into two main parts, the first part is buying a property, secondly selling a property, and lastly how to own a home earlier debt free. In the book we will go through the simple keys and tips of buying and selling real estate.

This book is written from 18 years of personal experience of working in all aspects of the real estate industry. Whilst working in real estate I have been involved in selling thousands of properties, houses, units, land, flats, commercial and industrial property, plus a range of businesses. Over the last 30 years I have bought 11 blocks of land, and personally purchased and renovated 18 residential properties plus built 10 new residential properties, as well as built and project managed 15 commercial properties.

This experience and knowledge has given me the ability to compile this pocket book with lots of helpful keys and tips to fast track your knowledge of buying and selling real estate making wise decisions in owning your own home.


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Topics include:

Introduction, Buying Real Estate, Renting, When is the best time to buy?, 7 Keys when buying a property, Buyers Inspection Checklist, Current Market Knowledge, Buyers Guides, Financing & Making the Offer, Deposit, Making the offer, Negotiation Skills, Preparing the Property 4 Sale, Tips for preparing your property, Listing the Property, Most common Listing methods, Property Showing Tips, Renting your Property, Landlord Tips, Using a real agent to manage your property, Debt Free Home, Finance tips, Housing tips, House Repairs tips.