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Teenage Life Skills

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Teenage Life Skills by Frank Miles ABC Online Books 96pgs ISBN : 978-0-9807977-3-2

This book is a helpful and practical guide for teenagers,� to make wise choices in life, covering most of the broader and more critical areas of life.

It covers relationships, sex, love, money, budgeting, goals, friends, careers and planning, family breakdown &,divorce, time management and many other subjects that will assist you in making wiser decisions that can affect your future life.

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Topics covered include

Relationships & Personalities, Goals in Life, Steps to Achieve Goals, Communication, Friends & Anxiety, Attitudes, Thoughts, and Motivation in Life, Money and Budgeting, Love, Sex, and Virginity, Marriage, Family breakdown, Self Esteem Happiness,� Alcohol, Drugs & Cigarettes, Time management Career/ Work Path/ Work Ethic, Wise Life Choices & Life Questions.