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The Instant Advertising Manager

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The Instant Advertising Manager by Peter FitzGerald ABC Online Books 96pgs ISBN : 978-0-9870750-5-5

A guide to marketing & advertising writen for small business and home business owners. This book is aimed at beginners, so if I may, I’m going to ask you to stop, just for a moment and imagine that you haven’t been mentally assaulted by every form of advertising and marketing known to man since birth, and ask you to consider the following point:

Just because you know what great food tastes like doesn’t mean you can cook, the same concept applies to advertising and marketing.

If you take the time to read through this book, I hope to provide you with a little of my knowledge and a few basic thoughts that I’ve developed that will give you a different way of looking at and hopefully improving your business.

If you can get a good grip on your marketing you increase your chance at succeeding in business ten times over.


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Topics include:

Introduction Advertising & Marketing, Building a Marketing Map, No Budget Research, Your Corporate Image, Write a marketing plan, Plan your advertising, So which advertising is best?, Television Advertising, Radio Advertising, Print Advertising, Newspaper advertising, Magazine advertising, Print & Collateral, Online Advertising, Website, Pay-per-click (PPC), eNewsletters, Blogs, Youtube, Web cams, Social Media, Signage, Direct Mail, Other Advertising Ideas and much more.

The essential guide to marketing & advertising for small/home business owners.