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Time Management

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Time Management by Frank Miles ABC Online Books 96pgs ISBN : 978-0-9807977-1-8

A book in two halves; The first half is a very practical and easy to use set of skills, tools and keys to improve your time management abilities.  Lots of tips that can be used by anyone in any situation, to save time, letting you become more productive and happier in yourself.

The second half is about improving Job satisfaction & career building encouraging you to finding the type of job you enjoy doing, and successfully understanding workplace personalities.


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Topics covered include:

Time Management, Being Better Organised, Twelve Practical Keys to Organisation, Seven Daily Keys to Being Organised, Plan the day& Prioritise, Know your Energy Levels, Prioritise the Day,Knowing your Strengths & Weaknesses, Delegating your Time, Improve your Job Satisfaction, Workplace Personalities, Your Life’s Work, Getting on with difficult people, Job Interview Preparation, The Most Common Interview Questions, Four Interview Questions you should have an answer for.