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Parenting Skills

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Parenting Skills by Frank Miles ABC Online Books 96pgs ISBN : 978-0-9807977-9-4

You may have just begun parenting with a new born baby or maybe you are currently raising a hormonal, angry teenager who knows it all. You may have bought this book out of desperation of the current frustrations or situations. Sorry there is no quick fix as you would probably hope and think. But the good news is things can and will change if you approach change consistently and with a clear framework on how you will do this. Your love and unwavering determination to slowly little by little, make the changes for a different outcome.

My aim is to help make it easier for parents it is often said we are not given an instruction book when we have kids. This may be new to you, just had a baby and a big shock to your lifestyle, some people find it more difficult to adjust. Most people learn from their own mistakes, wise people learn from mistakes other people have made. So hopefully you can glean some gems of wisdom from this book Having raised 4 children and doing youth work over a number of years has given me good insight into the problems parents face on a day to day basis, with their children.

Throughout this book we will show you how easily you can change behaviour and how things will turnout when there are no rules and boundaries. Then show you how to change things for the good and benefit of all.


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Introduction, Help!, Parental Skills Parental Hugs & Love, Hugging Sons Reduces Crime, Dad, Hug Your Daughters, Family Time, Play Games Together, Your Love Tank, Communicating, Communication with Children & Teens, Teens, Work on Yourself First, Abusive Relationships, The Best Gift, Emotions & Sex, Emotions, Sex, The Birds & the Bees, Wise Parenting Skills, Baby’s, Toddlers, Children 5-12, Teenagers, Parental Romance, Your Love Tank, Goals and Needs of your Spouse.